At Collings we specialise in quality, service and customer satisfaction.

We accommodate small prototypes to large batch quantities and
we are always ready to meet new challenges.

Welcome to Collings Finishing Ltd

Collings Finishing Ltd is a family run business based on many years of experience combined with a dedication to give a high quality product and service. This objective has been achieved by having a trained staff and a recognised quality system. The company policy is to maintain and wherever possible improve standards, whilst keeping costs competitive.In today’s market place companies have to be flexible and we believe this is key to building customer relationships.The company operates from a modern 9000-sq.ft site in Milton Keynes with good access to the M1 and surrounding areas.

Our Services


  • We offer a range of colours.
  • We also offer brightened anodising.
  • We can mask areas required for earthing or where tolerances are tight.

Zinc Plating

  • Available with either a clear or colour passivate
  • High quality finishes on components where visible areas are important.
  • Masking where needed.

Powder Coating

  • Various pre-treatments to extend product life.
  • Different surface textures.
  • Masking for electrical conductivity or tight tolerance areas.

Stove Enamelling

  • Vast range of colours.
  • High quality finishes for highly visible parts.
  • Masking for electrical conductivity or tight tolerance areas.

Chromate Conversion

  • A pre-treatment on aluminium prior to stove enamelling or powder coating.
  • Alocrom 1000.
  • Alocrom 1200.

Other Services

  • Spraying of Plastics & MDF
  • Keyphos™
  • RFI Coatings on Plastic & Metal