Zinc Plating

Zinc plating is an electroplating process which deposits a zinc coating on to ferrous metal substrates. This is often used to prevent corrosion and also as a pre-treatment before painting or powder coating. We are able to accommodate small one off prototypes up to medium and large batches.

High quality finishes on components where visible areas are important

At Collings Finishing we do not barrel plate any components and instead wire each individual part to ensure the best quality finish.

The zinc plated finish is then passivated with either a clear/blue, or colour/yellow passivate. Passivating the zinc surface can increase the surface layer and gives extra corrosion resistance.

Masking where needed

In some instances there may be a need for masking areas where no zinc plating is required. We have various processes that enable us to achieve this.

Zinc plated components can be seen all around you including items such as zinc plated hinges on a garden shed and vehicle components.

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